The Official Commscrum Photo

Heat rising from CommScrum

Feel the heat rising from the CommScrum


2 thoughts on “The Official Commscrum Photo

  1. Sam Berrisford says:

    I can’t see why you have conflated comments about the IABC with your observations on complexity. Quite legitimate of course to criticize the IABC, but maybe more useful to offer a constructive way forward instead of taking your ball home – assuming you acknowledge that there is value in having an international body representing professional communicators.

    On complexity, we need to frame this discussion in the context of Ralph Stacey’s work in the field of organisational complexity. I disagree with the view that the way to deal with complexity is to offer a simplified view of the world. I believe that complexity, conflict, uncertainty, indecision, confusion and strategic paralysis is more or less the way things are in organisational life (and probably in most domestic lives as well). There is no simple T shaped formula that will solve this problem.

    Maybe we should stop regarding complexity as a problem and start regarding it as our preferred operating environment. A creative opportunity. Our challenge then becomes how best to evolve our approach to organisational life. Maybe there are clues in the concepts of emotional intelligence, intuition, uses of language and more practically, from a communications point of view, the notion of self-segmenting audiences which naturally seek out what is relevant and meaningful to them.

    This view sits in the post-modern, relativistic box. It flatly contradicts the process and systems view of organisations so effectively propagandised by our leading management consultancies (as it denies them the formulaic solutions they market so profitably and deliver with so little effect).

    You are right to say we are in a new world, but we must avoid allowing the old world to define our response. And we must be positive and brave about this great adventure. The successful organisations of the future will be intelligent, adaptive, creative and complex.

    Good luck with Commscrum, Dan. Great start!

  2. Sam Berrisford says:

    Above post obviously not about the official photo!

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